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Community Crossfit & Longhorn Rainbow Hash

Fooled ya- the title is NOT referring to my school’s mascot. The opposite actually. I’m eating my mascot and enjoying every second of it. This past weekend  Jarrod, creator of WhitFit Personal Training, and me went to take a mini road trip to buy 20 pounds of grass-fed longhorn. I had never had this kind of lean beef before so I was ready to take a break from chicken and give it a go.


Boom. Poor little farmer basically had nothing left. Also- before we went on this little adventure, we had our very first crossfit community workout! Yup, I finally tried it out. And it was pretty dang fun. I haven’t been doing cardio for uhhhh like 2 months now and of course the WOD was based on conditioning and lots of high intensity exercises. I was hoping to swing around a few weights but it was different and I really enjoyed being able to try something new for a change.

CrossFitCentralBurnetOf course I’m wearing pink. Dang it, I gotta stop that.

Anyways, it was super fun and afterwards we fueled up on some Whole Foods and then went for our longhorn road trip.

Today is a rest day for me so I decided to make a new recipe. And yes, it’s paleo just like everything else.

Beef Rainbow Hash

2013-03-24 22.03.57


4 oz lean beef or longhorn
2 cups kale
1 large shredded carrot
1 cup shredded red cabbage
Chopped yellow onion (however much you like)
Garlic & additional garlic powder
Basalmic Vinegar
Coconut oil
Salt/Pepper to taste


Please bear with me on this. I kind of just threw in amounts that sounded good to me and I’m going to try to make this as structured as I can! Yesterday I made 4 beef patties, each 4 oz each, by simply molding them into burger shapes and cooking them on the skillet. You could also just take 4 oz beef and brown it in the skillet to your liking. Set the beef aside and saute the kale, onions, garlic and mushrooms in a skillet with coconut oil and a little bit of water. Shred your cabbage and carrots and throw them in with the kale once it’s bright green. I added a bit more water, as well as a few swigs of balsamic vinegar, garlic powder and pepper. I think the vinegar really gives it a kick! Once everything is cooked to your liking, put the rainbow hash on a plate and top with your warm and delicious beef patty:) It’s really simple, but it’s no doubt one of the best and most beautiful dishes I’ve made. Enjoy!

2013-03-24 22.03.48

*This makes one serving*


Chocolate Protein Pancakes

I realized something today…I will look at just about ANY recipe as long as the word “protein” is somewhere in the title. Protein cookies, protein waffles, protein pizza, protein wraps, etc.

Well out of all those recipes, I’m probably going to have to say that my favourite will always be the good ole traditional protein pancake. Some protein pancake recipes call for flour, oils, and lots of ingredients but I like this recipe because it only consists of two main ingredients: oats and egg whites. No blender needed!




So today after my workout I decided I wanted a second round of these babies but I wanted some more protein then just the egg whites. So I came up with this super quick recipe.


4 egg whites

1/2 scoop Dymatize Elite Chocolate Whey

1/2 cup oats


Mix it up in a small bowl and cook on the skillet as if it were a pancake:)

You can also add 1/2 banana in the batter for extra carbs. It’s up to you, have fun with it!

Top with  chocolate PB2 (if you’re eating this post workout, avoid regular peanut butter. The only time you should avoid fats is PWO. Opt for PB2 instead!)

My workout was chest, tricep abs and extra bicep work. I curled 60 lbs for the first time (without any help from a spotter) and I was so ridiculously happy. I had a little bit of a rough start to the morning but it’s crazy what a good workout session will do for the attitude. Oh and that fact that some handsome gentleman arrived at my door holding these didn’t hurt either:)

So, so so sweet. I’m such a lucky girl. It’s also  amazing what a beautiful bouquet of flowers will do to the heart:)

Hope you enjoy the recipe, happy Friday!

What are your plans for the weekend?

Chocolate Banana Protein Ice Cream

So I found this recipe from the Facebook page of IFPA Pro Bodybuilder RJ Perkins. I wanted to finally try out this banana protein ice cream that I often see on clean foodies’ blogs and this recipe seemed like the easiest one. Here’s the video on how to make it…or just scroll down and read my instructions!


1 chopped frozen banana

1 scoop Chocolate (I use Dymatize Elite) Whey

1/2 cup Almond Milk

optional: Nut butters, nuts, chocolate chips, extracts, liquid egg whites, xanthan gum (for consistency)


First blend the banana in a blender/food processor

Add milk and whey

If texture isn’t to your liking, add extra almond milk or water.

Seriously…it’s that simple.

I ate mine ridiculously fast & I’m really glad nobody was around to watch me. It makes the PERFECT post workout meal because fruit is always best right after a workout and same goes for whey. Try this after your next workout and let me know if you fall in love with this mock ice cream like I did:)

Helpful tip-triple the batch size and set aside a few extras in frozen tubberware containers so that they’re ready to go after your workouts. Save the hassle or cooking and be prepared!

Summer Vacationing

It’s another beautiful summer and hopefully many of you have vacations and trips coming up ahead. With vacations come the anxiety-filled question: how do you eat clean and stay healthy during this time while still enjoying yourself? The trick is to be prepared. Take clean foods with you so you always have the option to eat healthy if you don’t want to eat what’s around. You never know if your only option at one point is going to be a greasy burger or a white bread deli sandwich. Those are the kinds of foods I’m not too keen on and don’t want to indulge in.

Every summer since I was born my mom’s side of the family (40 or more people) head to Dauphin Island, Alabama and have ourselves a week long family reunion. It’s one of my favourite parts of summer and I’m always looking forward to it. Great food, great family time and an amazing private beach!

Here are some of the things I brought with me for my week long trip: low sodium rice cakes, almond butter, tuna, low sugar ketchup, truvia, ground turkey, sugar free jelly, almonds and lots of egg whites! Once we got to the beach I also bought a lot of fresh fruit, veggies, avocado and a couple other goodies. I prepared the turkey in advance and packed it in a cooler but most of the other things I could just eat without any prior preparation. Now, with all that said, I am going to confess that while I did eat 100% clean the first three days, I let loose the second half of the trip. A couple glasses of wine, some tasty italian food and just a few desserts. The key here is to remember: everything in moderation. I can’t stress that enough! I had a great time on my vacation and I wouldn’t have done anything different…but I will admit…I’m SOOO glad to have my own clean meals again. My energy was starting to decrease because I wasn’t eating as healthy as I’m used to! Crazy what a difference it can make.

My “Honey”

 My Momma 🙂

A tinyyy picture of my daddy

Tuna Rice Cakes

Last but not least, I wanted to give you poor college kids, busy housewives and eating clean junkies a simple and convenient meal that takes literally 2 minutes to prepare. All you need is tuna (packed in water), 2 rice cakes and avocado. Smear on some avocado on the rice cakes and top it off with some tuna. Voila! Super easy and not bad tasting either:) Try it and let me know what you think!

Supplements and the “Jacked Pack”

One of my favourite things about weight lifting is experimenting with supplements. I used to be in the dark about what products where the best, how often to take them, when to take them, and all those other nagging questions that you simply don’t know the answer to. If you’re all natural and stick to whole foods, that’s great too. Both have great benefits, but personally, I love to try out new things and see the quick results that come from supplements.

My supplements are as follows:

1. Multivitamins

2. Fish oils

3. Whey protein powder

4. Casein

5. “Bone-up” calcium supplements

Those are the things I take regularly, no ands ifs or buts. Protein powder can go in basically anything but it’s best to  use it only before and after a workout because of the instant protein release it sends to your muscles. If you take it at any other time, there’s a chance your body might store it as fat. The casein is useful before bed because it is slow digesting and it restores your muscles overnight. Cottage cheese does this same thing, but unfortunately I can’t stand that stuff so I stick with the casein.

The fish oils and multivitamins are crucial to add to your diet. A lot of times, we “bodybuilders” eat the same things over and over and over again. The multivitamins will fill in the gaps where your body is lacking any specific nutrient.  The calcium supplement is more of a personal preference. I take it religiously because my body can’t always keep up with my recreational activities and tries to tell me to slow the heck down when I’m griping 60 lbs on my tiny forearms. GET BIG.


If you’re like me and get super excited about trying new products, listen up. Jacked Pack is a company that sends you a box filled with different supplements to try out every month. Seriously, it’s awesome. I frequently them to my “fitfam” on Twitter, so they’re always seeing me tag them and what not. I believe they think I’m obsessed with them…but that’s okay..CAUSE I AM.


This was my first one. I also happened to be the “jackedpot” winner so they let me pick out my favourite supplement in the box and then sent me a full version of it. I picked the pre workout “Presurge Unleashed” which works amazingly. I eat oats in the morning, which are slow digesting and usually inhibit caffeine effects but the preworkout still managed to get me hyped up! Impressive. It also had some amino acid chewables, a protein bar and a few other goodies.


This one I recieved this month. I drank the diet Turbo half and half today and it tasted like heaven. Those power crunch bars are without a doubt the best protein bar I’ve ever had. AND PROTEIN CHIPS?! What, what?! Yes, amazing. You better believe it.

So in case you couldn’t already tell, I love this company. Visit them on Twitter, Facebook or their website at http://www.jackedpack.com and let them know Madelyn sent you:) Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!!