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Monday Updates!

Happy Monday! I first want to thank you all for following MoonFitness. I love each and every one of my readers and the messages I receive from you guys. I’ve had one of those weeks were SO many great things are happening, as well as some rough things. Every time one of you guys message me with a question or comment, I remember that I’m getting to do what I love and that feels absolutely fantastic. This post is a little short and sweet, but here are a few things going on with myself, as well as Moonfitness.

1. One of my awesome clients is a really great photographer and we had a whimsical photo shoot planned for a few months now and finally made it happen yesterday. Our “costumes” were seriously awesome and I’m pretty sure the pictures are going to come out great. No this was not a fitness shoot! Something more along the lines of Alice in Wonderland….and I’ll let you guess which character I am:)

976332_599281960082023_340959130_o2. I am reading two great books right now that I want to recommend. One is called Lights Out by T.S. Wiley and the other is called The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz.. You can buy these here and here. Lights Out is really enlightening on the subjects of sugar, sleep and health concerns. We eat more sugar because we have less sleep. We have abandoned nature’s natural clocks by tricking our bodies into thinking the extra sunlight is summer, and as we all know, most animals eat a lot of food in the summer so that they can hibernate safely in the winter when food is scarce. Our ability to produce artificial light at 2:00 in the morning tricks our bodies into thinking it’s just summer time, which means the more food the better. This is obviously not the case for us human folks. I hope I’ve caught your attention on the subject, and you’ll look into reading it yourself so that you can learn how to adopt nature’s natural cycles once more. The other book, The Four Agreements, is really short but also powerful. It’s about finding freedom from the world and other people’s words. One of the best things I’ve learned so far in this novel is to not take others’ seriously. Whatever cruel things they say are said because of THEM not me. Everybody speaks out of their own personal experiences and it has nothing to do with anybody else. I already feel a little bit more free from others.

3. I don’t have a lot of physical possessions that I really “love” but the few things I do, are all breaking. The things I care for the most are related to the kitchen and the gym, obviously. My phone broke last week, my ridiculously expensive headphones broke, a piece of my crock pot broke, my favourite purple water bottle that I carry everywhere with me broke, my gym iphone arm band broke and my only good knife broke. Am I stressed about this?! Yes, I’m human. But it’s a good reminder that things are just that, things. I can have a moment of self-pity and then move on because everything will be okay. I just have to make-do with what I have and focus on the things in life that are eternal:) Cause those won’t break on me! (oh and in case you follow me on facebook, this indeed doubled as a status update….I wrote it while I was slightly flustered).

4. My health coaching program has changed. I want to develop more personal relationships with my clients and really help them create life-long habits. One month is not nearly enough to do that, so I will now only have 3 and 6 month programs. A lot of communication will be involved in these programs, as well as individualized meal plans based on your schedule and personal needs/habits. Message me at madelynvmoon@gmail.com if you’re interested! The 3 month runs at $150/month and the 6 month program is $125/month.

5. I’m making bone broth for the first time right now and I’m super nervous and excited. I’ve never had to buy beef knuckles before, so that was fun. But I am cooking it in my crock pot, which is a lot smaller than the normal ones that are used to make broth so I don’t know if my water to knuckle ratio is spot on. I’ll keep you updated!

6. I’m writing my first article for Paleo Magazine and I recently wrote one for Austin Fit Magazine. Yay for writing for awesome companies!

7. Last week, I started writing about my obsessive tendencies in regards to health and fitness and how I’ve finally come to find balance in this lovely world of ours. I have covered a lot about my own past and where I am now, hoping that it will really help some others who have struggled to live in “moderation” instead of 100% all day every day about ONE thing. I love living a balanced lifestyle. I’ve stopped putting emphasis on having the perfect body and have started focus on having the perfect relationship with my body. If you have any concerns or personal issues you would like my to talk about, I’m open to suggestions. We all have a different story but we can still learn from others’ experiences.

8. Watch this for a laugh.

9. And click here to watch Ellen Degeneres stick up for women and put down Abercrombie and Fitch for their terrible tactics. (if you don’t know about the Abercrombie and Fitch controversy yet, this will be a good place to be enlightened).

10. In regards to the group I have been trying to put together for my What’s Beautiful campaign, there have been a lot of technical difficulties going on and I still have yet to be able to make one. Nonetheless, all of the goals I talked about in this post are still going strong! All of my chest exercises have been increasing and I feel major progression in my arms, even after a few weeks. Make a goal for yourself and join in on the fun! Let me know what yours is and we can keep each other updated on our progress:)

11. Last but not least, curry and cinnamon make an awesome combination, not to mention they both have insane health benefits. Try these two together on your yams, it’s awesome! Or maybe I’m just so super weird. Or possibly both? I don’t know but this is definitely a new obsession of mine.

Hope you’ve had a great start to your week!

Healthy Grocery Girl Interview, Part 2

FINALLY… Part 2 of my interview with Megan Roosevelt, RD is on the blog! Read on for some amazing insight on how to be a health entrepreneur in this day & age. Click here to read Part 1 first, if you haven’t already.


1. Did you jump right into HGG (Healthy Grocery Girl) or did you have a full time job while you were creating HGG?

I held multiple jobs while I grew HGG from conception to where it is now. For many people wanting to create a company, and a brand, it takes more energy, time and resources than you can anticipate. I decided to “bootstrap it” by funding Healthy Grocery Girl myself and was able to do this by growing at a pace that was appropriate for the season I was in, in life and business. To pay for the reality of “life” I had a day job, and to fund Healthy Grocery Girl, I grew my dream job in my “spare time”, working nights and weekends. Hard work pays off though, because now I only work for Healthy Grocery Girl. It’s a blessing everyday.

2What’s the most popular service you offer?

Nutrition coaching is the most popular Healthy Grocery Girl service. I coach clients in person (in the Portland, Oregon area) and virtually (all over the United States). Secondly, my recipe club is very popular because it is very affordable; accessible no matter where you live, and something everyone wants help with, more recipes!

3Does public speaking come easy for you or did you have to learn to overcome any fears?

Public speaking is one of the few times for me when I really feel the “flow.” There is something that happens when I speak at events or for the media, it just feels right. I definitely get nervous with excitement and anticipation before I speak because I want to do a good job. But speaking does come naturally for me because it is what I am meant to do, and I talk about what I am passionate about. If I had to do public speaking on being an astronaut or how to make the perfect Panini, I would probably pee my pants.

4What sources do you trust when it comes to nutritional information and new studies?

Today it is so easy to get information, but it is not easy to get information that is accurate, easy to understand and readily applicable. Many people want to give health and nutrition advice. As with anything in life you have to be smart about information you hear, and question, is this fact, or opinion, and naturally it will probably be a bit of both. I love naturalnews.com (although it can be a little extreme), Dr. Mercola, Kimberly Snyder, Michael Pollen, and eatright.org, and I have so many nutrition books I read and go to as resources. There is always more to know and stay current on when it comes to health and nutrition.

5Is there one health controversy that you feel firmly about and would like to share your point of view? (Ex: carbs at night, coffee, fruit sugars being good or bad, exercise)

I really try and advocate for people to get over the fear of food and the whole diet mentality. Diets are depressing. People still think that carbs will make you fat and that a fat-free sugar-free lifestyle is a healthy approach. Many times these “diets” start with good intentions, for example eating sugar-free, because yes, processed and high quantities of sugar is unhealthy. But where things go wrong is when we start to buy into the “sugar-free” craze and purchase an abundance of sugar-free products, which are often filled with artificial ingredients.

When it comes to food and achieving your health goals, it is more about eating real ingredients. Of course too many calories will make you overweight if not balanced right with an active lifestyle. But too many chemicals in your food will do more damage to your body, which is a lot harder to reverse, than weight gain. This is where meeting with a registered dietitian, such as myself, is very helpful to get the truth behind healthy living, not a fad diet, and to help you individually achieve your health goals in a sane and realistic way.

6. What future plans do you have for HGG?

Oh my, I cannot answer this in just a few sentences! My plan from the beginning was always to create a brand, and a company where I not only invest in the lives of others through my clients, workshops, and fans but the lives of my team members at Healthy Grocery Girl. I want to continue to grow Healthy Grocery Girl to become a nationally respected and loved nutrition company as well as continue to grow my personal career as a Registered Dietitian and advocate for living a real healthy lifestyle, providing nutrition education in multiple media formats. I dream of having my own television show one day, continuing to speak at events, and to become an author. I also look forward to when Healthy Grocery Girl is financially successful enough where I can invest back into the lives of others who are doing good works I support. It’s really all about being able to give, because it’s not fun to have something cool if you are all alone, but it is fun if you can share it with others. Sharing is caring as they say.


A big thanks to Megan Roosevelt for sharing this great insight. She recently released her FIRST product, a plant protein powder and a greens powder. Be sure to check out these protein-rich, artificial-flavoring-free, vitamin-loaded products and spread the word!

First Photo Shoot Experience & Day 1 of IIN

So much has happened in the past couple of days. I had my first photo shoot experience yesterday, I started peak week today and I also just began my Institute for Integrative Nutrition course! I can’t believe all the wonderful things going on in my life, not to mention I’m 5 days away from NPC Texas State Naturals!

Taking a step back, I want to talk a little bit about my photo shoot. A week ago I had received an email from Denise Clark, author of Phat Phamily, offering to give me photo shoot. WHAT?! I was so thrilled and flattered that her and her husband would take the time out of their day to give me that special gift. Really, they were two of the nicest people I’ve had the opportunity to meet in a long time. Denise and Danny Clark, from Danny Clark Photography, run a great studio in Houston, TX. I highly recommend any of you guys check it out if you are around the area and are in need of some professional shots!

(more pictures will be up soon!)

Something really great about Denise and Danny is that they too are on an eating clean kick and have been making great efforts to improve their health and also the health of their children. Not many parents have the gift of making healthy food kid-friendly but so far they’ve made great strides in providing nutritional value to their whole family’s dinner plates.

Denise has just committed herself to her first bikini competition! That’s unbelievable considering she’s balancing a job that involves lots of travel AND a family! Honestly, I admire her more than I admire most “fitness models”…you don’t need to have your pictures published in a magazine to be considered a fitness model. You just need to live a healthy lifestyle, make goals and lead by example…she’s pushing herself to do something challenging and that’s true modeling!

One of the biggest challenges that comes with taking a trip, no matter how far, is packing your meals and being prepared. I already cook in bulk so all I had to do was separate and measure my meals ahead of time and put them in my cooler. I had 2 tubber wares with chicken and brown rice, one baggie with whey and oats and then one tubber ware with green beans and chicken. Just the usual foods but all packed in and ready to go! When it came time to chow on my oatmeal I was wondering how exactly to go about it. I was on my way back home so I decided a coffee wouldn’t be that bad of an idea anyways…so why not ask for some boiling water from Starbucks on the side?!

TA DA! You have your oatmeal ready to go. I know this may seem weird but these kinds of habits get a lot easier with time. And in the long run you’ll appreciate the changes that come with your body if you take the time to prepare ahead of time.

In other news, I started my classes for the Institute for Integrative Nutrition today and I can’t even describe how EXCITED I am to start this new journey! I am going to be a health coach- can you believe it? Hello DREAM JOB! I have come to the conclusion that helping others achieve their nutritional goals, as well as fitness goals, is my calling in life. One problem that comes with creating healthier habits is that peers, family, society, etc. all affect you either positively or negatively. If it’s negatively, than it’s really difficult to make those changes long term because we as humans need encouragement and support. That’s not a weakness, it means we’re human. As a health coach I want to provide that support and accountability in order to make the transition pleasant and much less stressful. A healthy lifestyle is not hard to obtain, I promise, YOU can have it! With a little bit of knowledge, the proper tools, and a clear grasp on what it means to find balance, you can have a healthy lifestyle in every aspect.  What I love about IIN is that it focused on all different areas of life, not just nutrition. Being healthy means having a healthy relationship, career, social life, exercise life, spirituality, etc. It covers every area so that you can have optimum health that lasts a life time.
Well I realize now it’s that time….posing time. Yuck. Off to walk in some ridiculous heels. Have a restful Monday night!