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Clean Orange Chicken Quinoa Stir Fry

Day one of my What’s Beautiful challenge and I’ve already increased my weight in close-grip bench press from 75 lbs to 85 lbs and my dips from 8 reps to 11 reps per set…I don’t know if my triceps were feeling extra good or something but today they were doing WORK.

I also accomplished something that has to do with the “balance” challenge I have for myself. Usually after my workout, I rush home to prepare my post-post workout meal at least an hour after my protein shake. If I don’t get the carbs in that time frame, I get anxious and nervous that my muscles will have lost that optimum carb/protein intake time frame for muscle growth. Today, I took my time. Instead of going home immediately, I went next door to Whole Foods to buy some of those Japanese yams I love so much. And then, instead of going home after that, I knew I had a lot more grocery shopping to do so I went to my next grocery stop, and finished the rest of my¬† shopping. By the time I got home, instead of whipping up something fast, I decided to put on some music and make a new recipe I’ve had on my to-do list for awhile. Usually when I cook recipes for my website it takes about an hour, with plenty of dishes to do, veggies to cut and lots of loving care:) Regardless of the mess and time it would take, I decided to go for it. So an hour later after making this delicious meal, I finally got those post-post workout carbs in and it was at least 2 hours after my workout. I’m so proud of myself for listening to my body, relaxing and enjoying cooking stress-free.

Now, on to the recipe. Step by step directions are at the bottom but I’m thinking we should look at some pictures first. Chyes? I think so.

2013-05-13 00.58.47 The orange extract, looking as lovely as ever.

2013-05-13 01.03.50

The ground cloves, doing a little mixing and mingling.

2013-05-13 01.05.49

The chicken, hot and sizzlin.

2013-05-13 01.06.25

The quinoa, fluffy and luscious.

2013-05-13 01.12.59

Oh heyyy chicken, you lookin gooood.

2013-05-13 01.19.04

Just a little love makin.

2013-05-13 01.21.48

B-E-A-utiful colours.

2013-05-13 01.30.37

The final masterpiece.

2013-05-13 01.33.51

A little extra orange squeezed on top…just for additional perfection.

2013-05-13 01.34.08AND PLENTY OF LEFTOVERS!

Orange Chicken Quinoa Stir Fry
(**paleo, serves 3-4)
2013-05-13 01.30.37

Ingredients for the orange chicken:
1 lb boneless, skinless chicken breast cut into small pieces
2 tbs orange extract
1/3 cup water
a dash of ground cloves
a dash of cinnamon (a big dash!)
1-2 packets of Stevia depending on how sweet you like it

Ingredients for the stir fry:
1 cup quinoa
Thinly sliced carrots
Mushrooms, chopped
Chopped onions
Sugar snap peas
Red pepper slices
1 orange (optional)

**I’m sorry I don’t have the measurements for the veggies. Just add accordingly to the number of mouths you need to feed! I would start with 1/3 cup for each veggie and add more of what you like the most!

On a nonstick skillet, place the chicken strips on medium to high heat. Mix all of the other “orange chicken” ingredients in a small bowl and pour the mixture on the chicken (you could also marinate the chicken beforehand if you want more intense flavor but I thought it was awesome as is). Prepare the quinoa by boiling 2 cups of water with the 1 cup of quinoa. After about 15 minutes (time varies) the quinoa should be fluffy and cooked through. When the chicken is cooked through, add the chicken to the pan with the quinoa but try to keep as much of the marinade inside of the pan. Add as many veggies as you would like into the pan with an additional spoonful of coconut oil if needed! Saute the veggies and then add them to the pan with the chicken and quinoa. Serve hot with a few additional orange slices or get more creative by adding avocado slices, bragg’s liquid aminos or some toasted almond slivers.


Give Yourself A Self-Worth Makeover

The Under Armour What’s Beautiful campaign has been causing quite a buzz in the fitness industry lately. Woman from all over have been committing themselves to live a healthier lifestyle by achieving a goal they never thought possible or one that they never had the motivation to go out and accomplish.

Bless this campaign.

I love it.

To all you woman who already appreciate your body and love yourself for WHO you are, congratulations. You’ve achieved a feat it takes some woman a lifetime to achieve. If you love yourself unconditionally, no matter what shape or size you are, then your life must be feeling pretty fulfilled already.

That’s an issue in society today that needs a serious makeover. Self-esteem. Self-worth. Self-value. Self-this/Self-that. The body is more than what society says it is; I believe it deserves much more credit. It can do things, be things, make things, create things. The body itself can be a work of art. It can lift people up or tear them down. How you move your body, what you do with it, how you present it, how you challenge it…all of these things add up. You are WORTH something…in fact, you are probably worth a lot more than you think.

You’re more than just a body. There’s beauty on the inside as well as the outside and both of them are what make you unique.

When I think back to the 21 years of my life I can remember a few moments where I yearned to be or look like someone else.

Age 4: Skinny, beautiful, blonde haired Barbie (click here for more information on the Barbie effect)

Age 7: Slender, damsel in distress, Cinderella

Age 10: Cute, sweet, innocent Brittany Spears

Age 15: the hundreds millions of skinny woman in ads and movies

And so on….

Image plays a huge role in the media. It says you MUST look like this or you must look like that. It’s time for a revolution.

What we woman need to start doing is focusing on ourselves. Our actions. Our happiness. Positive energy, people. This campaign is wonderful because it redirects our attention to ACHIEVEMENTS and the beauty of goals. Basically, it’s time to get off your butt of the couch, set your mind to something and go out there and DO IT for your own sake, nobody else. Don’t focus on what you look like, how far you have to go, why you weren’t born with a model’s metabolism but start thinking of your body in terms of art. Because that’s what it is, right? You can mold it, shape it, work it, move it and do a ton of other things. Things that you can’t do without putting a little effort into it.

Stop focusing on the outside and start focusing on feeling good.

It’s pretty simple. Do good to feel good.

That is where true motivation comes from.


You’re a woman that is beautiful with…

the body you have now

the body you will have later

You have value because of your…






You don’t need a MAN, a MAGAZINE, or a SCALE to tell you that.